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I was born in Cuba and raised in Sweden. From an early age, I have nurtured a deep passion for motorsport, particularly Formula 1. This passion has been a cornerstone of my life and career.

In addition to my enthusiasm for motorsport, I bring extensive experience in coaching, leadership, entrepreneurship, and event management. Over the past 25 years, I have founded some of Sweden's largest event agencies, specializing in the entertainment industry.

Five years ago, I reignited my dedication to motorsport by launching Grand Racing. This venture focuses on the world's premier motorsport events, including Formula 1, Le Mans, and many others.

Furthermore, I established Grand Events Group, an agency dedicated to the entertainment industry. My projects now span Marbella, Dubai, and Europe, reflecting my ambition and global perspective.

I excel in leading and creating projects, utilizing a hands-on approach to bring visions to life. My leadership and innovative spirit continue to drive my success in the dynamic realms of motorsport and event management

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